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Is your air conditioner blowing hot air? Are you looking to inspect your heating system before the Fernley winter? If you’re looking for a reliable heating and air conditioning contractor, then we at 4 Seasons Heating & Cooling are here to help. As our motto suggests, our goal is to be “the right choice for your home’s comfort.” We accomplish this goal by providing a full range of heating and cooling services including AC repairs, furnace installations, air duct cleanings, and more! We are also available for emergency services, so no matter when you need us, day or night, we’ll be there to help.

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4 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

The Fernley summers can be hot, which is why it’s key to pay attention to any warning signs your unit may be trying to tell you. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Higher Than Usual Energy Bills: As your air conditioner deteriorates, it works harder just to cool your home. This extra effort can translate into a significantly higher utility bill, which is never a good situation for homeowners.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: Do you have to set your thermostat extremely low just to get your AC unit to cool your home? Anytime the temperatures in your home are fluctuating, a mechanical failure may be to blame. Your thermostat may also be the problem, which is why expert repairs are needed.
  • System Turns On & Off: During heavy use, particularly in the summer, you may find that your air conditioner is cycling on and off constantly. Generally, this is an electrical issue within the system or a good warning sign before an emergency where the AC unit no longer turns on.
  • Noisy Operation: Your air conditioner may not be the quietest appliance in your home, but anytime you hear strange noises, including scratching or banging, there may be some loose mechanical components to blame.

4 Seasons Heating & Cooling is your reliable air conditioner contractor. We offer complete repair services, and can even help you with an AC replacement project. When you’re installing a new air conditioner in your home, you can benefit from working with our technicians. We complete all AC installations according to manufacturer standards, so you can expect them to work for years to come.

Emergency Heating Services

The last thing you want to do is come home on a winter night to find that your heating system won’t turn over. Before you start to panic, look to our experts for help. At 4 Seasons Heating & Cooling, we offer emergency heating services.

No matter the time of night, we’ll have an expert technician at your home in no time, ready to restore the warmth to your home. In the event a new system is needed, all our new installations come with a full duct cleaning and professional warranties on parts and labor, so you never have to worry about your heater breaking down in the middle of the night again.

Expert Heating & Cooling Solutions

When you work with our technicians, you can expect a quality solution for any problem you may be dealing with. Our services include:

  • AC Repairs & Maintenance
  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Heater Replacements
  • Home Testing & Insulation Services
  • Indoor Air Quality Services
  • And More!

If you have a concern with your heating or cooling system, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals. With affordable rates and quality services, we make any HVAC issue a stress free experience. Don’t just take our word for it.

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Don’t let an old air conditioner or heater make your home uncomfortable. Get quality heating and cooling services by calling (775) 355-3250. At 4 Seasons Heating & Cooling, we are your reliable HVAC contractors.