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The Best HVAC Settings to get an Amazing Sleep at Night

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Instead of tossing and turning at night, take charge of your nightly routine to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Be consistent with your sleep schedule, going to bed and getting up each day around the same time; turn off all “screens” an hour or two before bedtime; don’t consume alcohol or caffeine in the evening; turn the lights down low when you are getting ready for bed.

You know what else is essential for good sleep? Having a quality, cool sleep environment in your home. This doesn’t just mean cranking up the air conditioning. You’ve got to adjust your HVAC to the proper settings for good sleep. This is what you need to know.

Adjust the Humidity


You know when it is really humid outside, and you are very uncomfortable? It’s hard to breathe, and you are probably sweaty. You most certainly are not relaxed. The same problems could extend into your bedroom if the humidity is set too high in your home.

As well, when it is too humid, mold and other allergens are more likely to grow, which can cause a host of respiratory problems. This too can interrupt your sleep. Similarly, if your humidity is set too low, you may find that you’ve got dry, itchy skin.

The secret here is to make sure that your humidity is balanced in your home so that you can have a better sleep. Install a whole home humidifier that will bring everything into balance. Set it for about 50-60 percent.

Controlling the Temperature

Best Temperature

Did you know that the temperature of your bedroom figures heavily into your ability to sleep? As you fall asleep, your body temperature drops; it is important that the temperature of the room that you are in does the same.

Set the thermostat for approximately 60Fº to 67F º. Make this whole process automatic by installing a programmable thermostat. Not only will you have it cool enough to sleep every night when you go to bed, you will benefit from its energy efficiency.

Use the Fans


Have you ever woken up sweating in the night? Running a fan will alleviate that problem. Running fans not only will keep you cool, but that gentle breeze is also soothing and can lull you to sleep.

Furthermore, the white noise that a fan provides is just the thing to help you sleep well. The sooner you adopt these habits, the sooner that your sleep will improve.

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