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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why does my heater or furnace smell like burning plastic?

      If you smell any kind of burning smell coming from your heater or furnace, it’s a pretty good sign that it needs maintenance. The severity of the cause varies, from a dirty filter to the failure of electrical components. The smell of burning plastic can be toxic and shouldn’t be ignored. A burning plastic odor is likely due to:

      • Plastic in your ducts, such as a piece of plastic wrap or a child’s toy
      • The melting of your unit’s plastic wire casings
      • A worn out capacitor
      • A broken fan belt
    • Can my furnace catch fire or explode?
      If you have a gas furnace, it is highly unlikely that the device will catch fire or explode, although it is possible. Furnaces usually automatically shut off if they experience overheating or too much pressure. To prevent furnace explosions:
      • Have routine, professional maintenance performed on your unit
      • Beware of sudden smells of gas
      • Keep fuel away from your heating system
      • Keep air registers open and vents clear
    • Why is there a fishy smell coming from my heater?

      A fishy smelling heater is likely a burning electrical component in your heater. This can occur when your system is overheating, or parts are damaged and worn out. This situation presents a serious fire hazard and should be addressed by a professional after the unit has been immediately shut off.

    • How do I choose the right ductless mini-split size for my home?

      When considering the right mini-split size for your home, factor in the total size of the rooms you are planning on heating and cooling, as well as each room’s specific heating and cooling needs. Mini-splits come with a variety of special features and settings. Find out what is important to you, from noise preferences and filter requirements to installation type and the appearance of the unit.

    • Furnace vs. heat pump: which one is right for my home?

      When trying to decide whether a furnace or heat pump is right for heating your home, consider efficiency. A furnace needs to generate heat, while a heat pump simply transfers heat, making heat pumps generally more efficient. A heat pump is also usually cheaper to install than a furnace. Furnaces, however, may have a slightly longer lifespan, and produce a more humid heat than heat pumps, which some may find more comfortable.

    • Where is the best place to put a ductless mini-split?

      If you’re placing a mini-split in your bedroom, installing it directly above your bed will probably provide maximum comfort. Units should be centrally located to allow air to circulate throughout all areas of its zone—whether that be a single room or an entire home. If you’re installing mini-splits in addition to your central air system, consider placing them in bedrooms, your basement, or any rooms that have been added onto your home.