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Get Better Home Air Quality with These HVAC Tips

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One topic that's become a hot-button issue for homeowners in Reno, NV is the impact indoor air quality might have on families. Studies suggest the number of pollutants in a home could be five times as much as you find outside. This amount is primarily attributed to chemical cleaners we keep inside kitchens and garages, along with general cleanliness.

The effects of inadequate indoor air quality go beyond comfort level inside a home and extend to a family's health. If somebody in your home has respiratory problems, they may be at risk of a medical incident. Poor indoor air conditions have been associated with respiratory infections and sinus infections, along with an increase in the rate of asthma and allergy attacks.

What's more, these ailments can develop into more severe and painful medical conditions. Therefore, it's crucial that homeowners focus on the maintenance of their HVAC system to increase air quality at home. We've come up with a few HVAC tips to help you and your family breathe a sigh of relief in your home.

Clean and Maintain Ductwork


Every home's HVAC system uses air ducts to deliver warm and cold air into each room. If the ductwork is contaminated with dust, debris, and other harmful compounds, it could significantly affect a home's air quality. On top of that, if there are cracks or holes in the vents, it opens the door for more substances to enter the air supply.

These obstructions or damages also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system by letting air escape. If you notice that your air ducts have become dirty, you should get in touch with an air quality company. They're equipped with the tools and materials necessary to clean up your ductwork, while also being able to patch up any damage.

Keep Changing Filters


Something commonly missed by homeowners, but is nonetheless crucial in HVAC system maintenance, is the importance of filters. These components are your number one defense against harmful substances entering your home.

If you allow the filters to become dirty and clogged up, they won't be able to function and protect your home from dust and debris. It may also impact the efficiency of your HVAC system. It's recommended you swap out filters every few months.

Purchase a Modern System


The technology of HVAC systems has advanced tremendously in recent years. Modern machines offer more protection against poor air quality and are also eco-friendlier than previous models.

If you're able to afford the upfront cost, a new unit may help boost the air quality in your home. It will also likely make maintenance an easy task. Purchasing a new system may end up being a wise choice in the end.

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