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Keep These Tips In Mind On National AC Day

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As it goes with holidays, there are some that have a little bit of a quirk to them. Odd as it is, National AC Day is one where we are reminded that even our appliances deserve a little recognition. Otherwise, the only attention they might ever receive is when they’re already past the point of repair.

Nothing quite compares to a hot summer day when your air conditioner is out of commission. Personally, we are ecstatic about this day because it gives us the opportunity to point out a few things about air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

airconditioningmaintenanceWhen was the last time you stopped to check your air conditioner? The task may seem unpleasant but maintenance is important if you wish to avoid costly repairs.

Routine maintenance can help you to recognize if, or when, you need to call a technician. Cleaning the filter only takes a few moments and it can help to keep things like mildew and excess debris from building up.

This is also good for the coil and its fins. They collect dust and dirt just as easily as the filters do which decreases airflow and increases energy consumption.

AC Replacement Might Be Best

Time degrades everything and our appliances are no exception. According to the Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 to 20 years. Even after checking your air conditioner on a regular basis, chances are you will still need to replace the whole unit or at least part of it.

acreplacementHere are some examples of parts that may need to be replaced:

  • Motor Belt
  • Motor
  • Thermometer
  • Evaporator coil
  • Fan

Older models, especially those that still use propane, should be replaced with newer and more efficient models before they expire. The use of propane or other unapproved refrigerants is a potential fire hazard so it poses a risk to your home and the technician.

Don’t Neglect Duct Cleaning

ductcleaningThis part of your air conditioner is just as important to maintain as the unit itself. Cleaning your ducts keeps mold and mildew from circulating in your home.

Wet, or damp filters have to be replaced or they will spread spores and cause growth in areas you can’t easily access. Dirty ducts also prevent air circulation which will force your air conditioner to use more energy.

In addition, the ventilation system is prone to vermin. Having improperly fitted vents can give them access to your home which can cause irreparable damage and a costly exterminator bill. You can help to prevent this by checking that the vents aren’t damaged by mold or rot around the metal frames.

Air conditioners have become so much a part of our homes that it’s no surprise that they often get overlooked. Remember that without them, we wouldn’t be able to find relief during the blazing hot days of summer. Share this article with someone who needs a little reminder as to why we should appreciate our air conditioners a little more. Tag an HVAC technician you know to say thanks and show them gratitude for their effort and hard work.

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