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Why We Celebrate Memorial Day With Pride

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Why We Celebrate Memorial Day With Pride

When we’re hot during those warm summer months, we turn on the AC without giving it much thought. When we’re freezing during the breezy winter, our first instinct is to power up the heater for that instant relief and comfort that we’ve grown accustomed to.

However, we rarely stop to reflect on those brave American soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom who didn’t have the luxury of central air and heating systems. On Memorial Day (or Decoration Day), we can take a moment and show gratitude for our courageous troops who fought for our freedom and all of the liberties that we have grown to accept as our natural rights.

The History Of Memorial Day

decorationdayMemorial Day (Decoration Day) is a special day of the year when we can honor and celebrate those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The federal holiday originated after the Civil War in order to honor deceased Union and Confederate soldiers.

Although it is still debated on the origin place of the holiday, one thing for certain is that the day was created to show gratitude and remembrance for the individuals that died during the bloody war. One of the first traditions of the holiday was the decoration of soldiers’ graves with mementos such as flags and flowers as a token of gratitude for our patriots.

This tradition is still practiced across the country today along with parades, parties, and barbecues. Today, Memorial Day is widely accepted as the unofficial beginning of summer and occurs on the last Monday of May every year. While it’s a good opportunity to gather with family, it’s also an opportunity to remember what it took to get there.

Honoring Our Armed Forces

armedforcesMemorial Day is a great day to take a break from our fast-paced lives and remember the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives in order for us to enjoy the commodities of democracy that we enjoy today.

If not on any other day of the year, take a moment to show your appreciation for our lost soldiers whether that’s through ceremony or just a thoughtful moment of silence.

If you’d like to go a step further, be sure to reach out in your community. Reno is home to many veterans associations and groups that help veterans, current soldiers, and families of soldiers in their time of need. Whether it’s a monetary donation or time spend helping, you can truly embrace the meaning of Memorial Day this year.

Thank You To Our Loyal Clients

thankyouclientsNot only do we want to give thanks to the Armed Forces but we would also like to thank our loyal clients who allow us to continue providing our services in the home of the brave.

Without our troops and without our clients, we would be nothing so we extend countless gratitude to all those who help us continue doing what we love and providing outstanding service to the greater Reno, Nevada area.

This Memorial Day, we ask that you give huge thanks to our Armed Forces and honor those who made it possible for us to have everything that we have today and let us never forget the brave individuals who gave their lives for liberty.

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