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HVAC Maintenance for the Allergy Season

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Allergies and HVAC Maintenance

Most people have heard the old age saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” As beautiful as the flowers of spring are, April is also the time of year when season allergies start to kick up. Outdoors, pollen flies through the air and every breeze brings fresh grief for allergy sufferers. It’s important that your house can be a place of refuge and safety, and that always starts with the steps you take to improve your indoor air quality.

While this can be something as simple as remembering to replace your air filter and as complex as a complete system overhaul, the most important thing is to take a step in the right direction. This article will cover some of the ways you can improve your home’s air quality, keep your house as allergy-free as possible, and improve your home ventilation. 

Small Particle Filters' Basics

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Allergens are carried on the air and come from things like the pollen of flowers, trees, and flowering shrubs. Because the particles are so small, they can easily enter the home through open windows, screen doors, and even cracks in window frames.

In order to get the air in your house as clean as possible, regular air filters aren’t going to cut it. What you’ll need is a small particle filter. Small particle filters work by running the air you breathe through the filter.

The benefit to small particle filters is that even the allergens like pollen that most filters don’t pick up will be trapped and removed from the air you breathe. These are optimal to get the cleanest air possible when dealing with allergies.

Upgrade to HEPA Filters for Superior Protection

If you want to take your air purification game to the next level, you’ll want to upgrade from small particle filters to HEPA filters. These are top of the line when it comes to filtering your air. While small particle filters will clear small particles such as pollen and dander out of the air, HEPA filters will even clean mold, spores, and bacteria that can slip through small-particle filters.

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When you run a HEPA filter in your house, it will pull all the small particles out of the air in addition to allergens that you may not realize are in the house. It’s ideal to run a HEPA filter when first moving into a home or apartment, or when you’ve experienced a particularly wet winter and have found any mold or mildew in your home.

These filters are the only ones rated to clean the air and filter out even the tiniest of allergy-causing problems from the air inside your home. They also work best when you run them 24/7 to allow for continuous air cleaning.

When All Else Fails, Opt for Vent Cleaning

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If you’ve ever looked at your air vents and notice that they’ve accumulated dust and dirt, you might have wondered why. When air circulates around your home, the vents bring the air in to circulate through the filtration system you use.

All the dust, dirt, and dander that is in the air will naturally get pulled into the venting system and trapped by the filter. However, some dirt will accumulate on the edge of the vent itself. While this can be cleaned easily, you might have more dirt and dust accumulated deeper into the venting system itself.

Many companies offer vent cleaning services. If you’re looking for a true deep-clean, especially if you’ve just moved into your home, it could be a good idea to consider having this done. When you have this done, your entire venting system will be free of debris, and future buildups will be greatly reduced. If you deal with seasonal allergies, have your vents cleaned each season to keep the air you breathe as clean as possible.

Expert, Professional HVAC Technicians

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