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The Honest Truth About Heating & Air Conditioning System Leaks

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Resolving HVAC System Leaks Once and For All

Ever played that game where one person says a word, and the other person has to say the first thing that pops into their head? For example, if someone says “dog,” the other person might say “toy” or “treat.” When someone says “bonfire,” the other person might respond “s’mores” or “fireflies.” And when someone says “leaks,” most homeowners would probably say “plumbing.”

Because the plumbing system involves a lot of water moving throughout the home, it makes sense that leaks are most often associated with plumbing. However, other systems in the house can also have leaks, such as the HVAC system. When hot, humid air is cooled by an AC unit, condensation is created on the evaporator coil.

This condensation then drips down into a condensate pan and is emptied through a drain line. Like pipes in a plumbing system, the HVAC system drain line can become clogged or damaged resulting in leaks. This article will cover some of the common reasons behind those leaks and what you can do to protect your home.

How HVAC Leaks Start

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There are many reasons for HVAC leaks. Water leaks and refrigerant leaks are often caused by different things. One of the most common reasons for a water leak is a clogged or damaged drain line. The clog prevents condensation from moving away from the home and instead causes it to back up under and around the AC unit.

When the drain line is cracked or damaged, roots can enter into the piping and cause a clog as well. HVAC leaks can also occur because of a damaged or cracked condensate pan. If the pan is cracked, the condensation has a difficult time flowing into the drain line in the first place.

Refrigerant leaks are mostly caused by wear and tear to the HVAC unit. There are so many joints and connections in an AC or heating unit. These connections can become weakened over time through vibration and normal wear and tear resulting in refrigerant leaks.

Fixing HVAC Leaks Properly

Fixing an HVAC leak can be tricky, especially when it’s a refrigerant leak; these are much more hazardous to a person’s health. Therefore, it’s important to contact a professional HVAC technician who has experience in resolving these issues. The repair is highly dependent on where the leak is occurring.

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For example, if the leak is caused by a crack in the condensate pan, then the pan needs to be replaced. If the leak is caused by a damaged drain line, then the piping needs to be re-installed. If the leak is in the evaporator coil, due to the vibration of the coil against the rest of the system, then the coil will need to be repaired.

How to Prevent HVAC Leaks in the Future

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HVAC leaks are a pain to fix, but luckily, there are steps homeowners can take to prevent these leaks from happening in the first place. The biggest prevention method is basic maintenance, even including changing your air filter. Regularly cleaning the HVAC unit can help prevent acidic build-up and erosion on different parts of the unit.

Additionally, it helps to have the unit checked by a professional on an annual basis. They can help identify and fix any weakened areas on the unit due to wear and tear to prevent a leak from occurring.

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