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Better Ways to Beat Allergies in the Springtime

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3 Clean Air Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay

Springtime is a lot of people’s favorite time of year. With the return of warmer temperatures and new vegetation, it is a season of rebirth. However, for many people, springtime brings the agony of allergies. As those new plants propagate, the air fills with tiny particles that can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. 

People who suffer from allergies should have a “kitchen sink” approach to dealing with symptoms. Many people rely on allergy medications that can make them dizzy, but the best way to deal with allergies is to fight them on all fronts. A lot of that begins with keeping the air inside of the home clean. Here are some tips from local indoor air quality experts to help people cope with their allergy symptoms. 

Let Fresh Air Inside


The truth is that indoor air is many times more polluted than outdoor air, including pollution from allergens. The air inside the home can stagnate and build up a high level of suspended dust and allergens. This accumulation can make allergies far worse, and it is often worse in the spring because outdoor temperatures are mild and don’t cause a home’s air conditioner to cycle regularly. 

Opening the windows from time to time can allow the indoor air to change over and freshen up. The best way to go about this is to wait for days when the wind is low. Wind can kick up dust and make things worse. Checking the weather forecast can help predict low-wind days and low-allergen days. Wait for days when pollen levels are low, then crack the windows for a few hours. Waiting till nighttime can help since wind levels are lower, and higher humidity levels keep pollen down. 

Replace Air Filters in the AC


Air filters in an air conditioner are mainly designed to keep dust out of the machinery in an AC. However, their secondary purpose is to reduce dust in indoor air. Spring cleaning to-do lists should always include an air filter change. Rotating in a new filter can greatly improve allergy symptoms. While one should change filters every 3 months, it may be helpful to change them more often and to use a higher quality air filter during the peak of allergy season. 

Keep an Eye Out for Dust

How does one tell the quality of indoor air? The easiest and most accurate way is to keep an eye on accumulated dust in the indoor air and on surfaces around the home. When furniture and decorations start accumulating dust, this is a good indication that actions should be taken. Dust is visible to the naked eye while pollen is not. 

However, if dust is present, it is guaranteed that pollen and other allergens are. Dusting surfaces can remove surface dust for good. Look for high-quality, ionizing dusting devices that capture dust instead of kicking it up. It may also be a good idea to kick on the blower of the AC while dusting to remove dust that gets disturbed. 

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