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3 Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer

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Pro Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

As summer officially gets underway, a working air conditioner becomes more and more of a necessity to stave off the rising Reno heat. But for too many homeowners, staying cool can be an uphill battle as their aging AC units struggle to keep up with the thermostat’s demands or even quit working altogether.

Fortunately, homeowners can help improve performance and prevent untimely breakdowns with just a few easy steps. So read on to learn how to keep the air conditioner running strong for a cool, comfortable summer.

Keep Up With AC Maintenance


Regarding staying cool in the summer, a few things are as important as regular air conditioner maintenance. Simply changing the air filter on time (every 2-3 months for most homes) will ensure proper airflow throughout the home and help the unit run more efficiently. 

But it’s also vital to have the AC serviced by a professional at least once a year - preferably before summer begins. Trained professionals can tackle the more complex and intensive AC maintenance tasks necessary for keeping an AC unit running over the long haul and perform thorough inspections and diagnostics to catch any issues early on.

Upgrade To a Better Quality AC

In some cases, a professional AC inspection may reveal that the unit is on its way out. Most of today’s air conditioners last around 15-20 years, while older units last between 10-15 years. Units that have been well-maintained over the years last longer, but every unit has its eventual expiration date.

If the unit isn’t working correctly or exhibiting signs of trouble - blowing warm air (or no air), making odd sounds, running constantly, turning on and off frequently, etc. - it may need repairing. But if the unit is nearing the upper end of its life expectancy and needs expensive repairs, it may be more economical to invest in a new unit. 

It may also be that the current unit was incorrectly sized for the home or that switching to a different type of AC, such as a ductless mini-split system, may be more efficient for the homeowners’ specific needs. When in doubt, homeowners can consult with their preferred HVAC company to see if an air conditioner replacement is the right choice.

Turn On Ceiling Fans To Circulate Cool Air


Last but not least, homeowners can give the air conditioner a rest and crank up their ceiling fans to create a cool breeze throughout the home. However, ceiling fan direction matters - for most fans, a counterclockwise spin will push air down and make the desired breeze, while a clockwise spin will push air across the ceiling and down the walls. A few portable electric fans will do the trick if the home doesn't have ceiling fans. The breeze will help circulate cool air and lower body temperature by carrying off heat radiated from the skin.

Even with all the fans in the house on full blast, homeowners will likely still need to keep the AC running, but they should be able to raise the temperature a few degrees without sacrificing comfort. Adjusting the thermostat one or two degrees warmer can significantly reduce energy consumption. And since fans use very little electricity, by comparison, homeowners can stay cool and watch their utility bills go down at the same time!

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