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Conquer This Coming Allergy Season!

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How To Overcome Springtime Allergies

It’s almost allergy season, and that comes with sniffling noses, red eyes, an itchy throat, and loud sneezes. Everyone hates it, but it can seem unavoidable by the time March arrives. The good news is homeowners can make their home a safe escape from the pollen, dust, and other irritants that make allergy season a pain. Follow these three tips to conquer any allergy season!

Kick Dust To the Curb

A dusty home frequently causes itchy noses and scratchy throats, and it’s no wonder why. Dust consists of a rather gross mix of dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, soil, and even living dust mites! None of these substances are particularly pleasant to breathe in, and when combined, they can be bad for the lungs, throats, and noses of a household. 

Allergy season or not, dust collects every day in a home. The longer dust builds up, the harder it is to get rid of. The only way to get rid of dust is to remove it. Dusting should happen pretty regularly, and larger households with children or pets should dust twice a week to keep the grime away.

Use Windows Wisely


There’s nothing as refreshing as a breath of clean spring air! Bringing the fresh air of spring into the house can help keep the home’s air cleaner. Homes, especially older homes, get pretty stagnant after a long winter of closed windows and doors.

Fresh air helps clear out the dust and stale air of the winter. When the sun shines and a breeze blows, open the windows to let the wind take care of the old air of winter!

Don’t Forget the Filters

After a long, stagnant winter, everyone is ready for a bit of spring cleaning, including the furnace and air conditioner! It’s pretty common to forget that the furnace even exists when it runs so smoothly in the winter. But, after several months of taking care of a home, the furnace and air conditioner both deserve a little TLC. 


The filters of both the air conditioner and furnace serve the same purpose: keeping the air cleaner. When the furnace or air conditioner is running, fresh air is pulled through the system and either heated or cooled accordingly. As the air is pulled into the system, it is siphoned through the filter to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that might be in it. 

When filters are clogged, the air struggles to get through the HVAC system. Not only does this make the heater or air conditioner less efficient, but it also makes the air in the home dirtier. 

Changing the air filters in air conditioners and furnaces should occur at least every six months, though most homes should do it more often. Changing the air conditioner before summer arrives will ensure the AC is ready for the hottest part of the year, and changing the furnace filter will keep the air cleaner in the home overall. 

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