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A Brief History of Women in the HVAC Industry

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Meet the Women Who Helped Build the HVAC Industry!

The world of heating and cooling has seen countless innovations and changes over the years. Today’s HVAC systems are the result of centuries of achievements and advancements, both large and small. Most people don’t know that some of the most important of these strides in HVAC technology were made by women.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s a look at a few women whose brilliant inventions and insights changed the course of HVAC engineering history.

Alice H. Parker - Mother of the Modern Gas Furnace

Alice H. Parker isn’t exactly a household name, but millions of homeowners have her to thank for their heating systems. Born in Morristown, NJ in 1895, Parker was one of the few African American women of her generation to acquire a college education - she graduated from Howard University with honors in 1910. As if this weren’t impressive enough in itself, she would later revolutionize central heating with her innovative design for a gas-powered furnace.

Parker’s furnace featured multiple gas burners and heat exchangers in a central furnace connected to a network of air ducts. Other central heating systems used wood or coal for fuel, which was far less efficient. Parker’s invention was also unique in its ability to control each duct and burner individually, allowing certain rooms to receive more or less heat than others. Patented in 1919, this furnace never made it to market - but her design laid the foundation for central thermostats, zone heating, and modern gas furnaces.

Margaret Ingels - Engineer & Pioneer


Margaret Ingels was born in Kentucky in 1892. Growing up with a natural fascination with science machines, she became the first woman to earn an engineering degree from the University of Kentucky - and the second woman to do so in the United States. Shortly after, she was hired by the Carrier-Lyle Corporation, now known as Carrier Global - one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of HVAC systems.

Ingels left the company to get a professional degree in mechanical engineering, studied heating and air conditioning in a research lab for several years, then returned to Carrier-Lyle with her expertise. During her second stint there, she acted as a spokesperson and educator, conducted research, and published dozens of papers on her findings. 

Women in the HVAC Field Today

Though the pioneering efforts of Parker and Ingels have had a lasting impact, the HVAC industry of today is still largely male-dominated. But that is changing rapidly. More and more women are getting into the field as technicians, engineers, sales associates, business owners, or CEOs.

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Some organizations, such as Women In HVACR, have been formed to provide networks and educational resources for women looking to join - and lead - the industry. With the growing number of female mechanical and electrical engineers, and an increasing need for greener HVAC technology, there are plenty of opportunities for further innovations. 

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