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Homeowners Will Fall in Love With Their Heater All Over Again

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Fun Heater Facts Homeowners Will Fall in Love With This Valentine's Day

In modern society, everyone is so used to a fast-paced and progressive life that they often forget to look at the past. The heating and furnace system's rich history will instill a deep appreciation in everyone who comes across it. The radiator's discovery, central heating system, and thermostat are inventions that revolutionized society. It was inventions like these that catapulted humanity into the age of technology. Local professionals are excited for homeowners to fall in love with their heating system this season.

It All Begins in Rome

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The ancient Roman heating system is credited as the first underfloor heating technology in human history. Essentially, it worked via an underground fire that heated the floor above. Rightfully so, it's considered one of ancient Rome's greatest achievements.

Before a building was created, pillars were placed on the foundation. The ground floor would sit on these pillars, and there would be fire beneath it to heat the floors.

Some downsides to this include:

  • It makes the home or building smokey
  • It's dangerous to leave a fire going all the time
  • It increases contaminants in the air

The Romans were definitely on to something, but it wasn't until the technology found itself in Greece that it took off.

Fraz San-Gilli and the First Radiator

Fraz San-Gilli received a patent for his radiator invention in 1857. With this development, the world finally saw central heating as something that everyone could enjoy in their homes. Fraz saw heating the home by fire as an inconvenience, something that was dangerous, and didn't evenly heat the home as it should. Thus, the radiator was born. 

The wealthy Victorians of this time quickly swept up the new invention as the must-have of the season. It was a revolutionary invention that the world would never get over.

The radiator used steam rather than hot water to heat the area surrounding. The design was later tweaked to include steel to increase the overall durability of the radiator. After all, we are talking about one of the coldest parts of the world, Russia. They had to ensure that it was going to withstand the extreme temperatures.

Then Came the Thermostat

In today's world, the thermostat is something that homeowners can't imagine living without. However, there was no such thing as a thermostat in the early days of heating. The thermostat wasn't invented until some 50 years after the Romans invented their underfloor heating technology.


With the invention of the thermostat, indoor heating technology changed forever. Things have never been more customizable than ever before in history. Not only did the invention of the thermostat make it easier to find the desired temperature in a home, but it made the entire heating system safer as well.

There are many benefits associated with the thermostat's invention. It made diagnosing problems with the HVAC system easier. It also helped people save energy by knowing exactly what temperature their system should run at.

4 Seasons Heating & Cooling Keeps Homeowners Safe

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